About Us

About Us

GRADOSCOPE is a collaborative practice focused on the reinvention of urban spaces.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in architecture, urbanism, communication, design, and multimedia.

We believe that cities are created not only by the experts but also by the people. Therefore, we aim for an open, inclusive, and sustainable approach to city processes. We are based in Sofia but are also curious about other regions, rural spaces, and unexpected, challenging environments.

Our multidisciplinary team has expertise in architecture, urbanism, communications, multimedia, and design.



To engage citizens, corporations, and policymakers in an active conversation about the future of urban spaces.


To promote good practices through concrete actions and interventions.


To support policymakers, responsible businesses, and activist organizations in their efforts to develop the urban environment.


Community Engagement and Public Outreach
Communication and Campaigns
Feasibility Studies
Stakeholder Coalition Building
Sustainability Strategies
Pilot Projects
Long Term Visioning/Scenario Planning
Dynamic Master Planning

We believe in the power of collaboration to create positive change for the cities, and we work with various organizations to achieve such change.

If you have an idea for an urban transformation, let us know at [email protected].